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Plumber at Work

Plumbing & Heating

Plumbing and Heating

We provide a complete range of plumbing services. 

New Installations


Fault Finding

Unvented Cylinders

Heating system cleaning.

Underfloor Heating

Heating system control wiring.

Smart heating controls 

Emergency Plumbing

We provide an emergency plumbing service out of normal hours.

Room Temperature
Professional Plumber

Heating System Cleaning

To increase the efficiency and longevity of your heating system We provide a variety of options.


Depending on the condition of your heating system we can offer:


A power flush at mains pressure with a combination of chemicals to remove contamination from your heating system. 

Or Magna Clean filter, depending on the condition of the central heating we can also offer a combination of services to increase the efficiency of your heating system.

In addition to the Magna Clean we can install Magnetic filters to your existing system to help remove sludge, rust and debris.

Before any Powerflush, a survey will be conducted to determine the extent of clean we would recommend.


For larger projects, new cylinders, system replacements, kitchens, bathrooms etc. we are happy to provide a free no obligation quotation.


For smaller works replacement taps, radiator valves, radiators, toilet repairs, leaks etc.

We charge the following:

Plumbing during standard working hours Mon-Fri 9-5

General Plumbing works £65.00 for the first hour + Parts

For each additional 15 minutes £11.00 per 15 minutes

Outside our standard hours

General Plumbing £95.00 for the first hour + Parts

For each additional 15 minutes £18.00 per 15 minutes

Installation of Magna Clean filter to existing heating system from £300.00 including filter, labour and small parts.

System power flush from £400.00

Our Expertise


  • Design-Build

  • Scheduling

  • Estimating & Budgeting


  • Quality Control

  • Safety Management


  • Customer Satisfaction

  • As-built documentation

  • Warranty

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